Join the Buddy programme

…as a participant (Newcomer/Refugee)

You are interested in studying but you do not yet comply with the admission requirements? You would like to get to know campus life and improve your German?

Several times during the semester there will be meetings for the buddies as well as the participants. We would be pleased if you participated in these. Below you will find dates and further information.

Please fill in the registration form for the summer term and send it back to us until April, 22nd:


The Buddy programme is completely free of charge.

Why would you join the Buddy programme?

Many refugees and newcomers are planning to study in Germany or to continue their studies. As you might have experienced yourself, it’s rather hard to orientate yourself at university at the beginning.

Your buddy might assist you with the following:

  • At the beginning of the semester the Buddies are going to show the participant the university library, the student’s cafeteria etc. and, if desired, attend the first lectures with him or her.
  • In the first few weeks it might be helpful to attend lectures together. Furthermore you should be able to support him or her with organisational or administrative problems that might occur.
  • The Buddies will guide you about possibilities for university access or alternative education.
  • Or you just simply go for a coffee or see if you share the same interests.

Meetings for all the participants in the Buddy programme

The team of the Offene Uni will be organising regular and compulsory meetings. Please excuse yourself in case of absence. The meetings are very important for the organisation team in order to improve the programme.

The meetings will be about the following topics:

  • We are going to exchange information, talk about organisational questions, present current developments and talk about problems.
  • Furthermore we are going to plan joint activities (participation is voluntary)
  • If you are interested in doing even more, you can join the organisation team and help planning special activities.

Dates for the summer semester 2016:

Wednesday, 27th April, 18-20pm

First Buddy meeting: Get together for the Buddies and newcomers

Thursday, 12th May, 17-20pm

Second meeting for Buddies and newcomers

Thursday, 23rd June, 17-19pm

Third meeting for Buddies and newcomers

Thursday, 28th July, 17pm                     

Final meeting with all the participants and Buddies

If you want to get know the University of Heidelberg, get in contact with other students and take part in our Buddy programme, please fill in the registration form:


We are looking forward to hearing from you until April 22nd 2016 in order to match the pairs with similar interests.

… in the Orga-Team

If you want to engage not only with your Buddy but with the whole Offene Uni-group feel free to join us! 🙂

We meet once a week and we’ve got plenty to do! At the moment we usually meet Wednesdays at 6pm at Campus Bergheim, Heidelberg.

If you like you can help us with these tasks:

  • Organising meetings
  • Taking care of public relations
  • Planning campaigns
  • Coordinating the supervision of participants and Buddies
  • Planning workshops and lectures
  • Cooperating with the university, helping with administrative stuff
  • Bring in your own ideas!

If you’re interested please send an e-mail to:




The buddy programme is a cooperation between Offene Uni and the local antidiscrimination-projekt!


Information and advice for refugees at Heidelberg University

Heidelberg University has launched a website for university programmes, projects and initiatives for refugees.


Refugee representative

Ulrike Riedling
Phone: +49 6221 54-2182

Academic counselling for prospective foreign students
Anna Kloppenburg
Phone: +49 6221 54-3761

International Relations Department

Seminarstraße 2
Room 30
69117 Heidelberg

Office hours: Mon – Fri 10:00 – 12:00 am; Mon & Thu 13:30 – 15:30 pm


Current situation in Heidelberg

At the moment, the city of Heidelberg provides accomodation for around 600 refugees. Moreover, the federal goverment of Baden-Württemberg has established a reception centre and temporary emergency shelter on the former US army barracks at Patrick Henry Village.

Around 50 refugees live in private acommodation, the rest at four different locations throughout the city: Henkel-Teroson-Straße, Hardtstraße, Patton Barracks and former Hotel Metropol.

More information on accomodation of refugees by the city of Heidelberg can be found here.

Are you interested in studying in Heidelberg?

Hi guys!
A few people started the initiative “Offene Universität Heidelberg”. Our goal is to simplify access to attend lectures at University Heidelberg.
Therefore we are interested to learn more about you. Here are 4 questions, it would be AWESOME if as many people as possible could answer them.

1) Would you be interested in joining lectures at University Heidelberg? What subjects are you interested in?
2) Have you graduated in your home country?
3) Did you start to study at your home country and would like to finish your degree now?
4) Have you finished a first degree (Bachelor) at your home country and would like to continue your studies (Master) now?

1) Seriez-vous intéressé d’assister à des conférences (cours) à l’Université de Heidelberg?
2) Quels sujets vous intéressent?
3) Avez-vous déjà obtenu un diplôme dans votre pays d’origine?
4) Avez-vous entamé des études supérieures dans votre pays d’origine et souhaiteriez vous les poursuivre maintenant? Avez-vous terminé votre premier diplôme (licence) dans votre pays d’origine et souhaitez poursuivre vos études (Master) maintenant?

١. هل انت\ي راغبة في الانضمام لمحاضرات في جامعة هايدلبرغ؟ ما هي المواد التي ترغب بحضورها؟
٢. هل تخرجت من الجامعه في بلدك وتريد بدء دراسات في جامعة في جامعة هايدلبرغ؟
٣. هل بدأت دراسة في بلدك ، وتريد أن تكملها الآن؟
٤. هل اكملت درجة البكالوريوس في بلدك وتريد ان تواصل دراستك الآن للحصول علي درجة ماجستير ؟؟